- When will my order be send?
Usually orders are send the day after you placed it. But if you place it early on during the day you might get lucky and it'll be send on the same day. 
We usually do not ship on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

- Which payment methods do you take?
You can pay through Paypal, iDeal, Apple pay, Google pay, Creditcard or Bancontact.
Our payments are handled through Shopify Payments, so it's all safe!

- Do you take returns?
We do and you will receiver a voucher for the shop. Due the fact that this is a small independently owned shop, the costs of sending back an order is for the buyer. One of the reasons for it is that too many people just order shit online because they can return it for free if it's not good... stop wasting our precious earth!
(We do NOT accept returns when you've ordered multiple sizes to try on and then return the items that didn't fit. This is not the way... you should have just come to the physical shop or dropped by your local skateshop)

- How long do I have to return something?
If you'd like to return something, let us know within 14 days.

- Can you set up a complete board or grip it?
Of course we can! We are even happy to handle any grip requests, coloured bolt placements and we can also turn the graphic of the wheel inside cause you heard this is much cooler.

- Are all your products up on the webshop?
No, our top priority is always having things accessible in our physical shop and to the local community first! So sometimes it happens that we're late with putting things online and sometimes it's already gone before we could put in on here anyway.

- Do you have any size ... boards?
Yes we do! We always stock popsicle decks starting from 7.75" up to at least 9". Looking for something bigger and/or shaped? We always make sure that we have a good selection of shaped decks but of course a lot of brands offer very few shapes, if they already offer them at all! 
Completes we mostly have in stock from size 7.3" up to 8.25".

- Do you also sell this and that brand?
Maybe we don't have it at the shop, but 9 out of 10 brands we can order for you!
So if you have any requests, feel free to hit us up! One of the main reasons this shop was started is to bring back a certain service that got lost with the rise of online shops and shops-turned-sneaker-stores. So we'll always try our best to help you find what you're looking for.

- Do you have pivot cups, kingpins etc?
We wouldn't even dare to call this a skateshop if we wouldn't have all the necessary things like washers, pivot cups, axle nuts, bushings etc.
It's somehow a question that we receive very often and yes we do have all these small things at the shop.

- "I broke my board but you're closed today and I'd like to continue my session, and finish filming for my new part! What now?"
Send a DM on Instagram and we'll try our best to help you out. Often we're out skateboarding ourselves when the shop is closed, so it's no problem to quickly drop by the shop so that you can skate again!

Any more questions? Hit us up on the contact page or just drop by at the shop in Arnhem!