During the late Summer of 2021 we went to Arnhem's neighbourhood Presikhaaf for a couple of Sunday sessions. Yannick took his family's Hi8 cam along and Kadir came through with the HD gear. Now it took ages to get the Hi8 footage on the computer due to technical issues and in the end the quality was not too optimal but in a time where people film HD, edit the video, then play it back on an old TV and then use that as an effect... why not just start with that 90s quality right from the start?! Anyways, we got a bit of both worlds for you in this edit that we kinda forgot about after premiering it back in May!

Filmed & edited by Kadir Küçük and Yannick Wijgman.
Titles by Emile de Vos.
Featured from The Public Fam are:
Björn Keyzer
Boris van den Brink
Emile de Vos
Hendrik Gores
Jaap van Marle
Kadir Kücuk
Sven van Kempen
Thomas Bürger
Tommy Lee van Riet
Yannick Wijgman

Plus among the usual suspects are also featured the dear People of Public:
Arthur Nieuwelaar
Bert Roeterdink
Bob Zevenbergen
Jelle Maatman
Jim Wessels
Joris Weeting
Lars de Weerd
Maarten Weeting
Roy Hopman
Tobias van Rooij
Wisse de Weerd

"Awake" by Planet 1999
"Baş aşağı beş yukarı" by Sıfır virgül bir
"Executioner" by Orion
"Snapback 90's Nigga" by SpaceGhostPurrp