Public Skateshop was founded in 2020.

Having collected skateboard videos and magazines since I started skateboarding back in 2000, the collection at some point grew so big that it did not feel right to keep it private. With over 600 skateboard videos on VHS and DVD it became time to start sharing these gems with new generations of skateboarders and reminisce about them with the older generations, over a cup of coffee!

When Frisco Store closed it's doors as the last independent skateshop back in 2015, I have always felt the need to start a new shop, where I would share my passion for skateboarding and provide the scene with a place to meet up, watch a video and go skate.

The shop offers a selection of classic brands, deeply rooted in skateboarding, such as the DLXSF brands (Anti Hero, Krooked, Real, Spitfire, Thunder and Venture) as well as brands that have made a name for themselves in the last years such as Polar, Magenta, Evisen, Pop Trading Company, Quartersnacks, Bronze, Quasi, Call me 917 and Tired. Last but not least there's some lesser known brands that are up and coming such as Karaoke, Studio, Loophole Wheels, Valuta, Hotel Blue and more! 

Once the Covid measurements finally ease, we will host monthly video premieres and screenings in the basement of the shop, exhibition's with skateboarding artists and events such as the Thialf sessions that used to happen during Summer.

Looking forward to having you over in the shop!
- Yannick