Filmed on three Sunday afternoons in the neighbouring village of Velp also known as Het Zilveren Dorp and first mentioned around the year 800 as Pheleppe.

Watch Velp's finest Boris, Emile and Finn among the rest of The Public Family & Friends. And afterwards head to Essayskatemag.com to read the interview with our three 'Velpenezen' accompanied by some photos.

Featuring in order of appearance: Finn van Elk, Emile de Vos, Boris van den Brink, Lars de Weerd, Wisse de Weerd, Jaap van Marle, Bert Roeterdink, Arthur Nieuwelaar, Hendrik Gores, Sven van Kempen, Björn Keyser, Tommy Lee van Riet

Filmed and edited by: Kadir Küçük and Yannick Wijgman
Additional filming: Wes Cremer

Voice over by Marcel van Roosmalen (taken from VPRO's "Zwelgplek)
"Mermaid" by Alan Hawkshow & Brian Bennett
"Tair" by Salem
"Easy Prey" by Lil Ugly Mane