We've spent a few Sundays with the fam in our favourite neighbourhood in Arnhem; Klarendal. It's where the shop is located, where some of us live and yes... non of us mind the coffee shops around the corner! :)

The diversity in cultures and people in Klarendal is what makes us all feel so at home here. And there's also a few cutty spots in the alleyways and squares, some never skated before and if they were then we were there for it.

Shot and edited by Kadir Küçük and with additional filming from the guy that's always behind the counter to serve you only the best that skateboarding has to offer.

Now go and watch the video, and afterwards remember that there's always something to skate wherever you go!

The video features in order of appearance:
Emile de Vos
Tommy Lee van Riet
Boris van den Brink
Hendrik Gores
Sven van Kempen
Jaap van Marle
Björn Keyzer
Kadir Küçük
Finn van Elk
Thomas Bürger
Shaheed Ghafoer

Music: Dean Blunt - "Woosah"
The Garden - "King of Cutting Corners"
A$AP - "Blowin’ Minds"

We do not own the rights to the music. But we highly encourage people to support the artists that we dig. Therefore we use their music
and promote their work as we know how many people pick up music from skateboard videos.