This Saturday, the 18th of February it is Skateshop Day again!

So make sure to drop by as we'll have some very special & limited decks from DLXSF available in the shop and of course there'll be more...

We hear you wondering what else there will be so lets not keep you waiting.
Of course this day is all about you showing your appreciation for your local skate shop and therefor we've come up with a little contest!

Each and every one of you have the chance to win a package this Saturday by simply doing the following three things.
1: Buy anything at the shop and write down your name & instagram account on a piece of paper. Can be anything, from a set of new axle nuts to a complete setup... just show some love :)
2: Film your favourite trick in front of the shop (mind the traffic & neighbours!)
3: Make a drawing/photo/video of the shop or get creative in any other way as long as the shop will remain the subject of your work.

Post your clip and artwork on instagram before the 21st of February and tag us. Make sure to NOT post it as a story as these will get lost after 24 hours, and we'll need some time to choose our favourites...

There will be 3 lucky winners who'll receive a fat package plus our favourite piece of art will be used as a graphic for upcoming Public merch!

We're really looking forward to see all of you this Saturday at the shop.

The shop will be open on Skateshop Day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Original artwork by Arthur Nieuwelaar.