No need to even have a look at the deals from all those big chain stores (who are dumping everything they got their greedy hands onto during the skateboard boom during the last two years)! We have a muuuuch better deal!

For the last two years we’ve always been trying to give back to the community as much as we can - but times have been tough for all of us and therefor we could use a little bit of your help.

We’d like to set up as many complete skateboards as we can for refugees, people with lower income and anyone else who’s got it tough!

We have plenty of old boards that we will refurbish, but it’s always very difficult to get our hands on trucks in a good state.

So for each deck we sell between the 25th and 28th of November we’ll buy a set of new trucks and use refurbished decks to set up complete skateboards.

Please consider spending your study financing, health insurance benefits or part of your salary on a new board - may it be to skate this winter or to hang on your wall, there’s a lot of people who have it much worse than you so lend us your helping hand and we’ll pass on the love and joy of skateboarding!

If you’re in contact with refugees, people with a lower income or anyone who would love to pick up skateboarding but simply can’t afford it - help us get in touch with those people as we’re trying to do this without any organisations as this often only brings a hassle and helping others really isn’t that difficult!

Thanks for reading, thanks in advance for buying a deck and thanks if you’re sharing this message!

Skateboarding is beautiful and together we can make this world more beautiful too!